Early days: (2004)

we (bernd – drums, jan – guitar and clemens – vocals) met us for the first time in a bunker in stuttgart to express our love for hardcore and punk.

the name of the band comes out of respect for the great nana mouskouri.

First bass player: (2005-2006)

a half year later, jorgos joined us with his bass.

we recorded our first demo, “Die Post hat zu”, at the end of 2005.

we played our first concert in 2005 in the infamous “Schlesinger international” in Stuttgart.

Second bass player: (2007-2012)

unfortunately, due to professional obligations – jorgos had to leave us. (check out his website: jorgoskatsaros.com) we played our last concert with jorgos on bass in october 2006.

so we looked, we saw and we found perry to join us with his bass.

we made a few more songs, rehearsed quite a lot, and did our first gig with perry in the summer of 2007.

and with those new songs and new line-up, a new demo was due, so we recorded some new stuff in september.

our second demo was released in 2008.

Third bass player: (2012-2016)

perry left us in 2012, so we had to look for another bassplayer again.

a long time friend markus came along, he  joined us in december of 2012.

our third demo cd appeared in January 2016 – called “Die Sicht Der Dinge”

Fourth bass player: (2016-…)

marcus decided to leave us in February 2016, so we had to find another bassplayer again.

along comes: yogi (thanks to iris for establishing the contact).

that’s it for now, guys!